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20% Cash bonus of up to $200 on your first deposit!

You will receive a cash bonus of up to $200 on your initial deposit! Simply make your first deposit to your casino account and we'll instantly add an additional 20% of your deposit to your bankroll.

The Daily Tournament

The Online Casino proudly presents our Daily Tournament! We count your winnings in all our games, and the player who accumulates the highest winnings - wins the $200!

* Only Real Money players can participate in the Daily Tournament.

* Winnings begin accumulating 00:00 Daily until 23:59
(The Online Casino Time), which is GMT -4.

* The top daily player (determined at 23:59) gets $200 bonus!

* Winnings generated from playing as Dealer are also accumulated.

* The scoreboard will be updated every hour.

200% Credit Points Match Bonus on Initial Deposits

As Player, you accumulate 1 Credit Point for every dollar you place as a bet. As Dealer, 1 Credit Point is deducted for every 1 dollar bet against you. To become the Dealer you need to have a minimum amount of Credit Points.

E.g. on a $200 dollar deposit you will receive 400 Credit Points for each game - Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machine, and Video Poker (You receive 200% on your initial deposit, no matter how high!)

Convert Credit Point to Real Money

As our valued player you can convert your Credit Points to real money! To convert, go to the Cashier and click on "Deposit"->"Credit Points" and click on "Submit". The conversion ratio is displayed and the money is deposited to your casino account immediately.

* Only real Credit Points can be converted to real money.

Refer a Friend and get $25 Instantly

From now on you will instantly receive a $25 House Bonus for every player who deposits money to The Online Casino (no minimum required). You can now refer your friends using your personally customized link, ?which is available, after signing up, in your Personal Account administration page.